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Branding Services

Brand Identity

We'll help you form a breakthrough brand concept and visual identity. We align with your market & mission to land on an impactful meaning & message.

Market Segmentation & Messaging

What does your brand say, and who are you saying it too? We'll help you form thoughtful messaging and direct it towards the right people.

Logo & Naming

A name and Logo emcompasses your entire brand. It’s the visual and verbal expression of who you are and a stamp of impact wherever it’s placed. Let us handle the creative and strategic legwork while developing a vision you’ll fall in love with.

Brand Strategy

More than just visuals and words, your brand is a system. This system composes who you are, where you can be found, and what you’re caught saying. We’ll tie it all together in a clear, profitable marketing strategy.

Our Framework for Brand Development

Discovery Session

We'll engage in a conversation with you about your current brand, goals, values, and market. We walk through a detailed strategy session including a survey, visuals, and thoughtful questions.


We research top brands in your industry to understand what's resonating with your market. We draw inspiration while building a brand strategy that is unique to you.


We analyze discovery notes and market research to paint a vision for your brand. We inject our insights to develop a solid foundation for your brand.

Foundation Development

We provide you with a brand foundation document which outlines the direction we are planning to take. From there, we gather your feedback and make adjustments if needed.


We fine tune your messaging to make sure it connects and inspires.


We create thoughtful design aligned with the overall brand strategy.


Where will your brand be showcased? We make sure that you're ready to distribute across the right channels (website, print, social, etc.)


We monitor the performance of your brand by comparing its impact to past marketing efforts. This allows us to quantify the new market approach over time.

“Rapidly revitalized our brand and executed on our vision for a new website. They made the process clear and simple from day one, but came through on delivery in a big way. We couldn’t be happier.”

- Corey Yantha, President & Co-Founder
Dispension Industries (Blockchain Capital Corp)

“We needed a new look and a new way to communicate who we are and what we do. Being a government organization who works with the immigrant community, we knew this would require some creativity. Rapidly stepped up to the plate and really hit it out of the park. We now have a brand that communicates more clearly, and a lot more confidence in how we're positioned online"

- Erin McDonald, Director
Learn English Nova Scotia

"I knew I had a solid brand but needed a way to better position it online. They took my current brand and turned it into one the best product websites i've seen to date. The brand exposure would have been worth it alone, but achieving 400% ROI through the instagram campaign we implemented really put the icing on the cake.

- Hannah Chisholm, Founder & CEO
Eggcitables Inc.

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